Povidone Iodine 10% Antiseptic Solution is suitable for eliminating both positive and negative gram bacteria and fungi. By gradually releasing iodine onto the skin, it exerts its disinfectant properties.



Sanitizing surface injuries , burns of the second and third grade,scratches ,
sanitizing skin and surgical locations before and after the procedure ,
sanitizing skin at injection.
For the prevention of infection in wound dressings, sutures, and in the treatment of bacterial and fungal skin infections.


Pour a small amount of Povidone Iodine solution into a clean container and soak the gauze or pad in it. Place it on the desired area after disinfecting, and remove it with tweezers.


– Avoid the accumulation of the drug in folds and under the patient’s body.
– Should not be used in patients with thyroid gland disorders.
– In case of inflammation, redness, or swelling, consult with your doctor.
– Patients with a history of sensitivity to iodine should consult their doctor before using Povidone Iodine.
– The use of this medication is prohibited in infants weighing less than 5.1 kilograms, and continuous use in other infants is not recommended.
– Use during pregnancy and breastfeeding should be done with the advice of a physician.
– The drug is only for topical use.
– Consult with a doctor for deep wounds or severe burns.
– Keep the medicine out of reach of children.
– Store the drug below 30 degrees Celsius and protect it from freezing.


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