Available natural materials in “Red- Rose” cream provide all the needed material of the skin (vitamin, amino acids, omega fatty acids, etc.) with high absorption percentage. Completely natural materials being used to formulate this product and prohibit any chemical preservatives and fresheners. Using this medical cream will affect the regeneration of skin over time and will result in elimination of wrinkles and sagging.




Olive oil,Ostrich oil,Bees wax,Natural essence.


The skin regeneration cycle activation

Reduction of superficial lines and wrinkles of the skin Reduction

of the skin blemishes due to aging

Prevention from premature skin aging.

Cream Effects:

The ostrich oil not only increases blood flow in the skin, it also contributes to regenerate and renew the damaged or atrophic parts of the skin cells due to its similarity and homogeneity with human fat.

The skin loses its capability of water reserving, elasticity and softness feature over time. The ostrich oil, with its high influence, aid to act as a replacement in the skin and causes to prevent the skin chapping and impede wrinkles appear on the skin.


During the initial cream application, activation of skin regeneration cycle cells may cause redness and in some cases the skin blemishes and discoloration, thus showing its effectiveness and will diminish during the impending days.


Apply this product on skin, twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. You may use cosmetic creams a few minutes after using the product.

Storage Conditions:

Store in a dry and cool place, away from direct sunlight, and protect from freezing.

After each use, tightly close the ointment.


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