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  • Date 18/07/18
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Product Information:
Wound Heal Ointment
Ingredients (main):
Arnebia Eucroma Extract, Damask Rose Oil, Bees Wax.


Treatment of all kind of wounds and scar prevention.

Pharmacological Effects:

Clinical results show that Haluma ointment reduces inflation, accelerates the natural process of healing and has scar prevention effects on the wounds.

Ointment Effects:

According to studies, the active ingredients in the formulation of this ointment, such as the various forms of alkaline, and shikonin and flavonoids, have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-fungal, and antibacterial properties that have a significant impact on wound healing.
Haluma ointment directly interferes with wound healing and provides the environment for tissue growth. By increasing the viscosity of the wound, it prevents bacterial growth on the wound and prevents the formation of scar tissue.
Damask Rose Oil is known for its ability to relieve skin irritation. Essential fatty acids help improve the appearance of ulcers and skin spots. They also can induce skin regeneration, which helps to grow new skin and repair skin problems. Damask Rose Oil is the natural source of omega-3, 6, and 9 fatty acids that helps repair damaged skin while reducing the pain of the wounds. As a moisturizer, essential fatty acids improve the flexibility and permeability of the skin.


√ Keep this ointment out of the reach of children.
√ The initial 5 to 10 minutes sensation is a normal reaction of the therapeutic effects of the ointment.

Application during Pregnancy and Lactation Periods:

Ointment application during pregnancy and lactation periods is permitted.

Possible Side Effects:

All ointment may have unwanted side effects. Although all these side effects are not likely to be seen in every one. You must consult with a physician or a pharmacist in case any allergies or irritations arise.
So far no side effect has been reported.

Dosage and administration:

Initial cleaning of the wound area with normal saline serum is advised. Cover the wound with enough ointment. Open the dressing after 24 hours and repeat the above-mentioned processes. Continue this process once every 24 hours until the wound is completely healed.
In the case of prevention of scar, a thin layer of ointment should be in constant contact with the position (once or twice in the ointment).


  • Suitable in room temperature.
  • Keep away from direct sunlight and avoid freezing.
  • Once opened, store in a cool and dry place.
  • Best Kept in refrigerator.